Bullseye Accessories in a Jar

Every Dart Enthusiast Should be Prepared to WIN!

Repair your Steel Tip or Soft Tip Darts with these handy accessories:

  • Did you lose a flight or need some new designs for your next friendly match? With 30 flights and 10 different designs, you can pick the perfect theme or let your friends choose exactly what they like.
  • Have your Steel tipped darts started to bounce off the board?  Use the sharpener to enhance the tips so they stay put with every throw. Don’t lose out on your next bullseye!
  • Protect those tips with Tip Protectors.  Help keep your darts in tip top shape between games and between sharpening
  • Every dart enthusiast needs a versatile repair tool.  This kit includes a small dart board shaped tool that can tighten tips and metal shafts, remove broken plastic shafts or soft tips, spread metal shafts for easy flight insertion and more! When you are not repairing your darts, you can simply show your love for your favorite game with the handy keychain.

Ready to Enhance your Game?

  • Get an extra grip on your dart and throw with a little more power with Dart Wax. Simply rub between your fingers to apply a light wax coating to your fingers allowing for a better grip on the shaft. Dart wax is easy to use and small enough to fit in your pocket and reapply when needed
  • Looking to bring your favorite darts to your next dart game?  Fit 3 darts in the soft Leather Case.  Protect your darts in a light and stylish case that is easily carried by hand or on your belt
  • Now you have a better way to keep score!  The Score Counter is handy way to keep track of your points.  The small size fits easily in a pocket – convenient for home or away!


Show your Style or Your Allegiance

With 30 different flights to choose from, everyone will find their perfect choice!


Be Prepared!

Protect those newly sharpened steel tips and keep your darts in tip top shop with this handy repair tool.

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